Stateovmind – The Crate Tape
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Australian Hip Hop
This is the fourth solo release from Stateovmind and it sees him take a slight detour away from the cleaner sounds of his previous releases and create a homage to the tried, tested and effective ‘boom bap formula’. The EP is produced by Develop (Beat Basement Records) who has dug deep into his record crates and selected the finest samples to chop, flip and play out on his MPC. 
1 – Put ‘Em Up 
2 – Live Like Kings* 
3 – Give Them What They Want feat. Nix, Flipadeck, Hayds, Odeon and Flawlezz 
4 – State Your Name 
5 – Good Vibes 
All Beats by Develop 
All Cuts by Krumb (except* by Jimmy Flipshyt) 
Recorded by Timmy Tools @ Home 
Mixed and Mastered by Ben Kramp @ Earthshake Audio 
Photographs by Alexandra Stevens @ 
Design & Layout by Jimmy Flipshyt 


released 31 August 2014 
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    audio – 9 track EP- mp3 – tap to play – Australian Hip Hop    
Australian Hip Hop

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18 tracks of recent Australian Hip Hop – tap to play – free downloads
Australian Hip Hop
ft: Fitzy, Imperial Minds Collective, The Funkoars, LHA, MP Champion,
Bitter Belief, Stretchy, Juñor, EMRE2k, Tucee, Scarecrow, Paulie P, Hails, KeM, Boxay, Ivan Ooze, Stannard, Marcus, Ante Omnia2
Fitzy – Keep On Chasing  4.04
Imperial Minds Collective – Sold My Soul  3.35
MP Champion – Brite Lights Big Cities   4.10
Stretchy – D.R.O.P (ft: Juñor)    2.33   *
Bitter Belief – Freeze (ft: Mr Hill)  2.40   *
EMRE2k – 2Get Even (ft: MC Phreaze, Tyler, Jamaica)   4.34   *
Tucee – Train Of Thought     2.25   *
Scarecrow – Home Soon   2.45   *
PAULIE P – Little Bit Of Fun   2.49   *
Hails  – Caught In The Rye(ft: Onslaught)   1.53   *
KeM – Struggle Is Real   4.35
LHA – Free and Hypnotize  3.48
Boxay – Broken   2.43
Ivan Ooze – Who Is It   2.14
Stannard  – Slumbertime Love Of Mine    3.57
The Funkoars – The D  3.46
Marcus – Fucked Up   2.13   *
Ante Omnia2 –  Girls   3.35

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Australian Hip Hop
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Stateovmind – Live Like Kings

music video single – tap to play – Australian Hip Hop  

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15 tracks of recent Australian Hip Hop – tap to play – free downloads
Australian Hip Hop
ft: mnops, Master Wolf, Jay Daniels, Suburban Diversity, 
Imperial Minds Collective, Phonemes, Fatboy, Jace, 
Jakobe, ANOMIC, 10A, Marx SickMind, Y S, Joey Warner, SLD, 
Cortext, Dynasty, Tonite, D3A7H, Trigz, Marcus Sneek

mnops – Stay Gold   3.25     *
Master Wolf – Mr Business Man   2.37   *  
Jay Daniels – Same Shit (Wit These Hoes)   2.16   
Suburban Diversity – Product Of My Life   4.45
Imperial Minds Collective – All On Me  3.25
Phonemes – Peace Be Us (ft: Fatboy)    3.37
Jace and Jakobe – Blue   2.44   *
ANOMIC – The Underground (ft: Ivanov)   4.18   *
10A – Change fac   3.32
Marx SickMind – What If It Was You   4.56   *
Y S – #Palmy (ft: Joey Warner)   4.45   *
SLD – What You Know About It (ft: Cortext, Dynasty, Tonite)  3.15
D3A7H – Advise Caution   2.57   *
Trigz – Look Alive   2.57   *
Marcus Sneek – Rewind (ft: MKAIN) by  4.48   *
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15 audio tracks of recent Australian Hip Hop 

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Australian Hip Hop
ft: Two8two, Lostkeyz, Smacktown, Empress MC, Allday, Its That Kid Ry,
 Durban Poison, Class A, Melody Myla, Daily Meds, Cooking with Caustic, 
P.Smurf, EMRE2k, Solomon Childs, Killa T, Rzent, MP Champion, Pro MC, 
Don vitale, Marcus Sneek, D3A7H, Kwasi, Jhenè Aiko


Two8two – Now You Know   6.20
Lostkeyz – Survival by  3.13  *
Smacktown – Beast Mode (ft: Empress MC)  4.25
Allday – 3005  3.51
Its That Kid Ry – Dad’s Porsches   5.19
Durban Poison – Shuffle (ft: Class A, Melody Myla)   3.51
Daily Meds – Behind The Radar  4.10
Cooking with Caustic – Shifty-Eyed Specimen (feat P.Smurf)   2.58
EMRE2k – Work Everydai Pt.2 (ft: Solomon Childs, Killa T)    3.55  *
Rzent – Them Summer Days   3.02
MP Champion – It’s On Like Donkey Kong (ft: Pro MC)   2.47  *
Don vitale – Bounce   2.43
Marcus Sneek – All The Things    3.44  *
D3A7H – Pushin On Forward    4.41  *
Kwasi – I Don’t Need You (ft: Jhenè Aiko)   4.33  *
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Aussie Hip Hop
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LHA – Clarity (11 track album)


CLARITY is a brand new album from LHA

The album comprises 11 unique tracks that incorporate elements of funk, soul, jazz and hip hop with love, struggle and passion, the album is a reflection of the challenges and changes we have experienced in our journey of life and music.

Pondering about the direction of our lives, and through the process of making the album, our goals and things we want to achieve in life have become a lot clear, and so we sincerely hope the album could help you clarify what you want in your everyday life.

We thank everyone who have supported us through thick and thin, and a big love goes out to those who have taken a part in making this album, we just want to say that it has been a true blessing for us to work with you all.

Produced by LHA
Music production by Leehahn
Lyrics by Adikkal
Guest lyrics, vocals, rap by Indighost, Suavess, Moka Only, Substantial, Jordan Rake,i, 2Deep, Danilo Ray, Kimberly Aviso
Additional Keyboard by Nehzuil (Track7)
Artwork by Nan Artist, Inus Kim
Mixed & Mastered by Leehahn

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